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| Installation and Process Guide

This course on the ZAZ GPS program is designed to give you a sound understanding of the steps in the Phase 1 (ZAZ only) Installation Process we follow at Jim Butler Auto Group. This information will help you deliver an accurate representation of the product’s features and benefits to your customers.

Read and watch the steps below to complete this course >>>

| Step 1 –  The ZAZ App

The ZAZ App should be open on your phone before engaging with a customer. After the
introduction and after you determine which vehicle the customer wants to see, allow
the customer to see the app being utilized. Input the stock number, locate the vehicle,
and verify the fuel and battery levels. This step is meant to demonstrate the app’s

Say this:
“I have located your vehicle. The battery is fully charged, and we have plenty of fuel
for your test drive.”

| Step 2 –  Customers With Appointments

  • Use the ZAZ app or portal to locate the vehicle each morning.
  • Verify battery and fuel levels.
  • Prepare vehicle for Customer’s arrival.
  • Follow Step 1.

| Step 3 –  Steps to the Sale

Follow the JBAG ‘Steps to the Sale’ process

| Step 4 –  Agreed to terms

After agreeing to terms, while seated, with your customer…

Say this:
“Mr. and Mrs. Customer, I will get final approval for your purchase. If you haven’t
already read this, please do so. We will discuss this when I get back.”

| Step 5 –  At Your Desk

When you return to your desk, Say this:
“As you see from this letter, our Group is committed to improving the customer experience. You may have noticed me using our GPS technology. I used this to locate your vehicle. The Dealership uses this to control, protect, and secure our inventory. Ultimately, the contents of our vehicles expose our identity and where we live. Because of this, rapid recovery is critical. 

Brad is enrolling our customers in a one-year subscription. He also offers this as a credit towards a five-year upgrade, including a five-thousand benefit, if your vehicle is stolen and not recovered. Would you prefer the 1-year or enhanced 5-year subscription for $699 after your credit has been applied?”


| Step 6 –  Confirm Customer’s Choice

Confirm customer choice on the Buyer’s Order and have the customer initial.

| Step 7 –  Sales Manager

Let your Sales Manager know which term the customer chose.


| Step 8 –  Secure the Sale

Secure the sale in the F&I Office.

| Step 9 –  Customer’s ZAZ Account

Assist the customer in downloading the ZAZ App and creating their ZAZ account.

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