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| Monthly Training For Better Results.

The BBDS Webinar Series covers a wide range of F&I topics along with tips, techniques and more. All in thirty minutes or less, direct to your computer screen, twice a month, every month. Our Dealer Partners have access to all scheduled events but you can review a sample Webinar on this page for some useful content you can use right away. Then give us a call to learn more.

Why Webinars Are So Useful.

One reason is that the BBDS Webinar Series is built specifically for you your F&I teammates with timely and useful topics. Our audience drives the conversation so we address issues to improve your F&I performance. We’d like to invite you to our next session. Just ask your BBDS representative for the invitation link. And VIEW A PAST WEBINAR BELOW   >

Take a test-drive of the BBDS Webinar Series with this useful session on Customer Satisfaction and Product Knowledge.

Just click play on the CSI: Product Knowledge video graphic >>>

If you like what you hear, we’d like to share more details on how becoming a Brown & Brown Dealer Partner can help improve your F&I performance.

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