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| Jim Butler Sales Process

This course is designed to give you the foundation you will need to succeed in sales here a the Jim Butler Auto Group. This course will introduce you to the Jim Butler Auto Group Sales Process. Trust in this process, follow it with every customer every time. If you master it, you will become a professional in automotive sales and ensure your success here at Jim Butler.

| What’s In This Course?

This course includes lessons on the  Jim Butler Sales Process you will be using with our customers. Each lesson represents a specific step in the sales process which will help you understand, and meet, the specific needs of each customer. This lesson also includes a brief quiz to test your understanding of the material presented.
  • Step 1 – Meet and Greet

  • Step 2 – Interview

  • Step 3 – Million Dollar Presentation

  • Step 4 – Demonstration

  • Step 5 – Trial Close

  • Step 6 – Close

  • Step 7 – Delivery and Follow Up

  • Objection Handling

  • Recap

Click on the Course Content sections below to learn about each step in the Sales Process and complete the course.

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