Looking For On-Demand F&I Training?
Our Video-Based Content Can Help.

| On-Demand Training For F&I Pros.

Our BBDS TV platform includes an ever-expanding library of on-demand video-based F&I training, along with tips and techniques to help improve your performance. Our video content can be streamed to your computer or mobile devices any time you choose. Learn on your own schedule.

Our Dealer Partners have access to our full library of video content but you can review a sample video on this page for some useful content you can use right away. Then give us a call to learn more.

Why Video Works So Well.

If a picture is worth a thousand words (of boring text), then video may be worth a million or more. Our video-based training provides a simpler and practical learning experience. Which means better retention of the training.

We’d like to invite you to join our viewers so ask your BBDS representative how you can gain access to our full library. WATCH A SAMPLE BELOW   >

Take a test-drive of BBDS TV with this useful Tip of the Week.

Just click play on the Smart Discovery video graphic >>>

If you like what you see, we’d like to share more details on how becoming a Brown & Brown Dealer Partner can help improve your F&I performance.

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